Some time with Clash Royale

Last week me and my girl decided to visit Rome this summer. First we was thinking to go in Greece or Turkey for our vacation but she don’t like sea and i can’t go on sun because of some medication that I use. So we was thinking to visit some big and beautiful city and we agreed that we will visit Rome. I always wanted to go to Rome because I’m half roman and blood is not water. I even started to learn language and seems to be pretty easy for me. Buy the way, this will be our first trip together and I can’t wait for that to happen. We were  really excited because of this trip. We started planning and also trying to find the cheapest travel agency.  We decided to stay there for at least ten days so we can visit all that great places.


The funny thing is that we was joking about going in Rome together when we was on the beginning of our relationship and I remember that she said that one day she will take me to Rome to show me one secret place she like and there we are now, together for already 3 months, planning our trip to Rome. This like dream come true. We had some issues to find right travel agency, our financial was limited so it was really hard to find something that we can pay. We had some unexpected expenses and now we are low with cash. I didn’t want to give up that easy and I was searching on the internet all day and night trying to find the right one for us. Last night I was on my computer, online, still trying to find something but it was hopeless. Then suddenly i felt so bored and I wanted to relax myself a little bit. I was thinking what can I do, something funny and relaxing. And then I saw some commercial on that page that I was reading about some cheap agency. Commercial was about some game called Clash Royale, this was promising. I said to myself, why not to play this game, i wasn’t playing any game for years. So I did, I was download this game and start playing. What I like the most about this game:

hack for clash royale

This game is so simple, very fun and it’s a real time multiplayer game. In the game you have battlefield, or arena. In the arena you have yours three crown towers and one of them is your king tower. Your opponent also have three towers. The point is to defend yours and destroy your opponent towers. If you destroy his king tower you’ll instantly win and opposite will happen if you lose yours king tower, you’ll instantly lose. With different types of troops you can create your own strategy and win the battle. What I don’t like in this game:

After a while everything is getting harder and slower. Harder is ok but slower can really bored to players. Without enough resource you are stuck and you have to wait for hours to collect them. There is one way to solve this, you can pay for that recourse with you real money and make your progress faster. Like always, I knew that there must be other way, I just didn’t want to give my real money, I even don’t have enough for my trip to Rome, i won’t spend my money on game. After some research i found something awesome. I found a Clash Royale cheat that can provide you enough gold and other resources so you can speed up your progress. It was free, protected and uploaded online. With very simple explanation how to use it. This Clash Royal generator was everything i was needed.

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My girlfriend cheated me in OurWorld

I have a girlfriend in real life, so I do not want to think you that my girlfriend was in game. So this is story about how my real girlfriend cheated me in OurWorld game with some random guy.
That was on April fist, yeah fool day and I went on my job that morning, with out knowing what will happened later that day. I’m working in one private company like lawyer and my girlfriend is working in hospital like a nurse. That day I had a lot of job to that and I did not have a strong will, because I was sick those days and all what I wanted is to be in my house with my girlfriend and to enjoy with her. I should stop playing ourworld game because it is too stupid. I will try to play some other online games!

But when you grown up, you can not do that all the times, because your boss can be mad and you can stay with out of your job. What can you do? Well, nothing special. Do what you need and you can enjoy on holydays, what is not enough.
When I finished with some papers and with new clients I went on lunch with mates from job and we talk about some random things, that is not in touch with business, because we are all tired of that. But there was one new guy with us, he just arrived from college and only what he wanted to talk about is – games and business. That is all he knows and all he likes. We told him a couple of time – Tim, please man, do not talk about that stuff because we are tired and when we go on lunch, we just want to enjoy and to get rest of job. – but Tim did not want to listen us and he continued with that, but later he saw that he is boring and he stoped, so we started with normal themes for conversation.

While I was finishing my lunch, I got a message from my girlfriend “Honey, when you will be home. I have to tell you something important. Level of urgent: HIGH!” I was, WTF, what she did now. I was like in a movie, did she broke our car or something, so I texted her back and told her that I will be home for a 1 hour.
I say goodbye to my mates and went to home. When I got there, he was scared and he started to panic “O my God I did something stupuid” and I thought that he maybe kicked someone with car, and I asked her what happened, then she told me that she cheated me with my friend from business. Guess who? With talking Tim!

I was so mad that I wanted to punch Tim next time when I see him and I was shocked and mad on her. I went in my car and ride me to some bar to drink something. I was there about one hour and when I come to house she said to me “You fool, I cheated you with Tim in OurWorld game” and she started to laughing. Then I got on my mind that Tim was talking to us that he hooked up with some Andrea in game and I did not want to listen, so I did not spoiled that.
Next day on job we all went to lunch and they were joking me about that…

Next time I will make sure to cheat on here by using ourworld hack tool!

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Prepare for something new…

First of all I would like to welcome you all to my blog. This post is going to be very short,because I only want you to know that I am preparing some very good tutorials on how to make your life better. I am going to watch movie now but I will for sure keep posting some amazing articles very soon so keep checking my blog for new things!

I am now going to watch some interesting videos on youtube ,feel free to do the same!

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